Charles Updated
Charles Gustine is a pop culture idiot savant who has spent way too much of his time thinking about Lost, the Oscars, and Marvel Comics. So yeah, he does really well on the entertainment round at trivia night… But he’d like to turn his trivial knowledge into something more, umm, useful. And so, he is on an impossible quest to conquer pop culture, but if he can’t accomplish that, he’d like to be a film critic, thank you very much.

James Red
James Abels is an all-around smart dude – he programs computers, he knows the periodic table back and forth, and you should see him list off random facts about small island nations during the Parade of Nations at the Olympics, hoo boy – who occasionally humors Charles when Charles says that there are other movies and television shows out there in the world that do not involve explosions and hot blondes. He hasn’t been convinced yet.

Ben Updated
Ben Karcher is, in a vast improvement over Charles, a lifelong gaming fanatic and proud owner of a T-shirt that states knowingly “Beware the Smiling Dungeon Master.” Ben is that smiling dungeon master, and his competitive spirit and ownership (and ownage) of games both digital and analog makes him the perfect conversation partner for earstwhile conquistador-turned-Gaming Guerrilla, James.

Amber Red
Amber Ferguson has a very sunny disposition. She is given to bouts of smiling and laughter. You might not guess it from the number of dystopian Young Adult novels she reads (ALL the dystopias…) and plans to share with you, her dear readers, in her Book Club. But we swear! She’s not cheering on the rise of our inevitable dystopian future or anything; she just thinks they make for better reading.

Kevin Updated
Kevin Hublou is a movie reviewer par excellence. Why? Because, in a refreshing change of pace from certain Conquistadors who ramble on and on and on about the movies they see, Kevin has refined his mutant ability to always leverage the perfect gif in the ideal situation. His Half-Second Movie Reviews take brevity to hyperbolic levels, giving you the quickest (and most chuckle-worthy) idea of whether a new release is worth your time.

Together, they are the Culture Conquistadors. No, they have not destroyed or enslaved any civilizations like Hernán Cortés or Francisco Pizarro did. They didn’t even like those guys – those guys were jerks. No, all the Culture Conquistadors want to do is maintain a safe, public place to talk about the latest and greatest movies, shows, books, comics, tabletop games, albums and more. They are on a quest to find their pop culture city of gold, and will share the experience any which way they know how: the Culture Conquistadors Podcast, the Culture Conquistadors Book Club, various and sundry blogs and vlogs and whatever else strikes their fancy. Rest assured, no cultures were harmed, subsumed, or conquered in the making of this website. So enjoy it, guilt-free.