Context Sensitive Episode 3: Spy vs. Spies

This episode of the Context Sensitive podcast – about how every spy film in a great year of spy films was in conversation with 007 and his upcoming 24th feature, SPECTRE – was in the pipeline long before the Paris attacks. But those attacks radically transformed the context needed to think about Mr. Bond. This episode:

  • How the NSA shows up in mainstream entertainment
  • So many Bond themes
  • Melissa McCarthy showing the men (mostly Statham) how it’s done
  • Kingsman’s scathing class critique
  • Ilya Kuryakin and the demonized other
  • Bridge of Spies and the reality of spycraft
  • The wonders of Ilsa Faust
  • The murky waters of Sicario
  • A cameo appearance from HERCULES MULLIGAN!

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