Context Sensitive: Phantasma-gorier

It’s the Halloween episode of Context Sensitive. This week, one hour on the misunderstood Crimson Peak. Why do people expect it to be a certain type of scary, and why are they disappointed when its an altogether different sort of scary? To tackle that question, Charles takes a journey back through ghost stories like Paranormal Activity, The Others, and The Innocents, and wonders where Gothic texts like Jane Eyre and Rebecca sit in our modern consciousness.


What can you expect from this episode:
– An impassioned defense of Crimson Peak
– Really moving clips from the 2011 Jane Eyre
– Some Kate Bush
– Gossip about Mary Shelley, Percy Shelley, and a lady with nipples for eyes
– A really great moment from a horror movie trailer where a guy in the audience yells “OH… NO… Too Scary…”
– Lots of Haunted Mansion
– Charles doing not one but two British accents (but, notably, deciding not to try to do a Guillermo del Toro imitation)
– Lots of Guillermo del Toro sounding smart about stuff
– Vincent Price, of course
– Charles admitting he’s a fraidy cat, because he’s an honest person