You Are Cordially Invited

For the past two years, Charles and I have been building this website and podcast in one form or another. It started as an idea to build a community around thoughtful discussion by merging our two individual blogs.1 Our first attempts continued to stumble. A large part of that failure was on me for not writing. I had been busy running a weekly D&D campaign and just couldn’t sit down to write as frequently (or really at all) as I would have liked.

Nine months ago, Charles and I started recording a podcast. It took us a while to come up with an appropriate name but eventually we landed on Culture Conquistadors. We’ve released two dozen episodes and we’ve almost kept our planned weekly schedule. Last month, we ran out first book club discussion. It was a bit unwieldy, not unlike our first foray into podcasting, but this month (and in the months following), we’re hoping to clean it up and make it an enjoyable read.

This month we’ll be deploying and announcing new features for our website. You’ll notice that we’re leaving behind the blues of Drupal and MiNext and white blandness of an unthemed website to our own Culture Conquistadors theme. We’ve done most of this without much feedback or participation from the audience. Sure we get phone calls from our moms (Hi Mom!) and we have offline discussions with our friends. But we really want to share these adventures with a larger, participatory audience. And so today, Charles and I, the Culture Conquistadors, cordially invite you to join our culture expeditions.

You can register for an account by visiting

We’ve always envisioned the book clubs as a larger discussion between ourselves and our audience. And so starting today, we’ve opened up the comment sections of the book clubs.

  1. These are also on the way back. Including archived material we have backed up.